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While I wasn't able to get any photos of the great course Nova and Zelia had on this day, due to being in the wrong position for photo opportunities, I did get the following that are pretty fun...

Nova and Zelia on the run

They ran one hare on this day and the course ran directly (and immediately!) away from me, and left me standing in a depression. However, at first, they ran directly at Jim who was standing on the platform on top of the van. He had a great and spectacular view of the entire course! The dogs ran the hare up right around the van and for awhile he didn't even need his binoculars. They then pursued the hare towards the foothills in this area, continuing south and further from me, but well in view of Jim. I was able to pick up the action of the last part of the course with my binoculars as the hare was trying to allude the hounds by running uphill.

Zelia and Nova

Jim was able to watch this course from start to finish and he counted thirteen turns on the hare by the dogs. Nova had won the run-up, but from there on the dogs worked the hare together, swapping turns back and forth like a well tuned team. They took the hare with a last forced turn by Nova and a sweeping, flipping take by Zelia who packed the hare part way in.

Zelia with the prize and she and Nova packing it in (small photo)

After the take, I started out on foot to the hounds and Jim got in the van and was able to drive part way over in their direction. By the time I reached the dogs and collected the hare, he was close enough to pick all of us up. The dogs enjoyed their well deserved and hard earned breakfast as we clean and feed the hare to the dogs right in the field. We use all game caught by the hounds for their food. Any scraps are left for the environment (birds, coyotes, etc...). After the hounds enjoyed their reward, we then headed for home. It was a perfect morning!

Happy hunting with happy hounds, everyone!
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