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On the homefront!
Dogs with Hats

Regardless of the amount of success we obtain with our hounds at shows or trials, it is every day life and the antics performed by our canine friends that enrich our lives and endear them to us. Of course, some of the antics are things we do to them. The pre-meal "snooding" routine would be one of them.

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Dogs learn to sing by association. The elders must teach the youth to sing. Note the attentive response of puppy Nova to Sky's instructional performance.

Sky singing for Nova
Sublime Sky

No matter how you shake it or bake it, dogs love mud. Sky is the king of the mud bath. It is especially joyful for him to bring it home and into the house. The subsequent soap and water bath is not so joyful.

A game of "tag" is always a good thing when the weather is mild and the grass is green.

Sky is it!
Crowded couch

There is always a "favorite" couch. You can own several others, but there will always be one the dogs want to use all of the time, notwithstanding discomfort and your best efforts to convince them the others are just as lofty and comfortable.

Sometimes it is the brief, quiet moments which bring warmth to the heart and a smile to your face.

Nova and Zelia
Nova and his prize

Nova on the run in the yard from anyone who might want his beloved fuzzy mallard duck toy!

Speaking of the quiet months, Sky and his son Ringo relax in the shade on the patio. They have been enjoying this new improvement to the home and soon their new room will be complete with dog door access to the patio and yard.

Father and Son
Nova and Zelia

We firmly believe that Nova regards Zelia as his mother. Here they are, asleep in the computer room (while I'm dabbling on it). Nova will frequently do this: Wrap his head and neck over and around Zelia. And, she still washes him and takes care of him.

Jim and the two smooth boys relaxing after a hard day at work. Well, we know it was a hard day for Jim. We don't know how much effort those two guys expended during our work day. ;-) As usual, those two will vie for position to be next to him on the couch!

Jim and the boys enjoying a guy type moment
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