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(8/9/2011) Tiflah has been with us six days now. She is adjusting very well, so we decided it could be time for her first trip out to the desert with Nova, Ringo and Zelia!

Tiflah follows Zelia

After the big dogs did their initial running around like crazy once let out of the van, it was time for Tiflah to get out with them. It didn't take her too long to start to follow them for short distances. Once a certain distance away, she would turn, find me, and "head for home"! This is very normal and typical behavior for young puppies their first few times out in the wide open spaces.

Tiflah in her world

Little pup, big world.
Tiflah would stop and survey the lay of the land. She'll do this a lot, each time she goes out to fields and desert areas. At this age pups don't see very far out in front of them, so, with each trip she will be able to see farther and farther. New horizons and new adventures for each outing.

Tiflah at 12.5 weeks

Four views of Tiflah at twelve and a half weeks of age. Much of the time she looks like a gown up Saluki, but she only weighs eighteen pounds! Her knobby joints and feet are sort of a give-a-way to her puppy status, too. She's a very pretty girl and we couldn't be more pleased to have the good fortune of her joining our family.

Tiflah and the boys!

She spent a good amount of time following Nova and Ringo around, too. That is, until they took off at full speed in pursuit of a hare. She came back to me and sat at my feet while I watched them, and Zelia, in my binoculars. Later, when they returned, long in tongue and well winded, she greeted them joyously with lots of puppy kisses. It's fun to experience pups at this age and observe them as they progress. All too soon, she won't be at our feet, but a fleeting speck in our binoculars, running with the others, hot on the heels of a hare...

The chase!

Now, this is the approach a puppy takes for their first "hunt". First, you must sit and study carefully the object you will hunt. Only then, will you run and pounce with full force! After your prey goes to ground (usually a Jerboa or lizard, ha ha!), you will find exactly the hole it went into. Then, you WILL try to dig it out, no matter how long it takes or how deep you have to go. That is, until your human picks you up and carries you off because the temperatures are starting to get too warm and it is time to head home.


Once home, fed and bathed (her adult counterparts found a dead sheep to roll in and all received mandatory baths, so Tiflah got a bath, too), it was time to find the chair in the living room and take a LONG nap. She's one tired puppy! She had a great time today and even got to eat green tripe for the first time, which was received happily.

Stay tuned for more of Tiflah's adventures growing up!

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