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Zelia's litter was whelped July 5th, 2005 and was sired by Phenix Firecracker Joe CC, CM, "Joey". Joey is an accomplished open field coursing hound. He was the winner of the 2001 and 2002 ASA Mia Cup Hunt and the 2001 ASA Ishtan Cup. Joey is known for his determination on the course and his often spectacular, if not acrobatic, takes.
(Photo by Herb Wells)

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Tula & Zoey @ 1 week

Tula and Zoey are pictured above at one week of age with Zelia. They are the survivors of the litter as three others were lost within hours of birth with symptoms typical of "fading puppy" syndrome. Through the persistence, love and devotion of Vicky Clarke, Lauren Chen and Melissa Forbus, these two gems are the delight of their owners today.
Zelia was an entirely natural and persistent mother. Not until Tula and Zoey left for their new homes near Reno, Nevada at ten weeks of age, did she stop nursing and caring for them.

Puppy evaluation

Tula is shown, above, being examined during the puppy evaluation event in Alpaugh. A number of prominent, old time Saluki breeders got together, evaluated the two pups, talked, ate great food and visited. It was a fun day for all, especially the very social puppies!
(Photos by Herb Wells)

Lauren & Melissa with their girls!

Lauren Chen and Melissa Forbus with Zoey and Tula. Vicky decided the girls should each take home a pup after their determined efforts during the long days and nights helping to ensure their survival. "Zoey" (GCh. Uziduzit Second Amendment, JC, CC, CM) went to live with Lauren and "Tula" (Uziduzit Tula-Ru Tokarev) went with Melissa Forbes. The two girls had a lot of fun raising their pups together, going to matches, shows and some hunts. They are pictured on the right with their ribbons from one of their first matches, winning their conformation, movement and junior showmanship classes that day!

The girls at 13 months of age!

Tula and Zoey are pictured at thirteen months of age in these photos. Lauren and Mel were practicing with them before ring time at the Oakland Kennel Club show that morning while we were at the beautiful Dixon-May fairgrounds in August of 2006.

Tula and Zoey running free at eighteen months of age. They continued to mature beautifully and enjoyed their first season at the hunts, placing frequently, running with more mature hounds. Zoey also won her field at a breed hunt at just seventeen months of age and earned 100 NOFCA points!
(Photo by Karen Chen)

Tula and Zoey on the fly!
The girls at one of their first shows

This team of girls was ready to hit the regular shows after some match practice. While Lauren and Zoey have been able to stride out and conquer the ring, with Zoey now being Champion Uziduzit Second Ammendment CC, CM, Melissa and Tula had to take a break after Tula sustained an injury in March 2007 that left her sidelined for a good spell of time.

Zoey on her way to Champion!

Zoey has become known for her (very!) exhuberant showmanship and free flowing, balanced movement. There is no doubt that when Lauren and Zoey step into the ring they are going to have fun and give the crowd a great show. On the way to her title Zoey won majors under Rita Bell (Coyote Hills KC) and Diane Divin (Lompoc Valley KC).
Lauren and Zoey are pictured in the ring at the Del Valle Kennel Club show in October 2007. Zoey won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners to finish her title with her third major (5 points) under breeder/judge Clair Chryssolor ~ "Anasazi Salukis" of the United Kingdom. What a grand finish!
(Photos by Karen Chen)


Tula healed completely from her hock injury and thoroughly enjoys her life with the Forbes family and Savannah, their Weimaraner. Though more shows and hunts may not be in store for Tula, there are many new adventures unfolding for Melissa, Tula and Savannah and the future looks bright and promising for these girls!
(Photos by Karen Chen and Vicky Clarke)


It is hard to choose just a few photos to show the many facets of Zoey! She qualified for the Grand Course in 2007, placing fifth in the breed hunt at only nineteen months of age. She finished her Coursing Championship and Courser of Merit titles during the 2007/2008 season by earning her needed take credits, despite her heat cycle interupting most of the hunts.
Her show ring highlights are numerous and include multiple Specialty Award of Merit wins, Best of Opposite Sex wins (Pictured above under breeder/judge Brian Duggan at the Willamette Valley Saluki Club) and on May 2nd, 2010 won Best of Breed and Group III under breeder/judge Linda Scanlon!
(Photos by Karen Chen, Lauren Chen and William Kohler)

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