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3 days old!

Here is Cat with her two babies at three days of age (or, at 57 days post breeding development!). They continue to eat, sleep and gain much in strength. These are two very strong puppies to have come into the world at 54 days of gestation and not only survive, but thrive!! We can already see the wonderful, strong neck and shoulders on this pup closest to the camera. This is one of many traits we strive for in every litter here, or those sired by our dogs!

8 days old!

The two boys are now 62 days gestation and can actually be considered "newborns"! They are just where they should be in terms of size, vigor and nursing ability and are happily doing what they should be doing at this age: Eating and sleeping and getting lots of love and attention by their mother, not to mention their human family. And, they look smooth to me!

Frances, Cat and pups!

(4/9/2010) Sometimes one picture can say so much, can't it? Frances and Cat with the week old babies. There is nothing more satisfying that a warm, plump pup on your chest! The boys are thriving and their eyes are now just beginning to open!

3 weeks old!

(4/22/2010) Here are the babies at just over three weeks of age. Sure, they have eaten and are sleeping AGAIN, but they sure are cute! And, we still think they are SMOOTH! ;-)

Abu Dhabi and Ducati

Time is flying and Abu Dhabi and Ducati are now six weeks old! Above, on the left is Ducati. The photo on the right shows Abu Dhabi on the left and Ducati on the right. We are very pleased with these solid, handsome males who look this week like smooths again!

Abu Dhabi and Ducati at 7 weeks!

Abu Dhabi (left) and Ducati (right) are now seven weeks old and practicing the art of standing still. They did pretty good here, but we are sure they were soon off and playing as soon as these photos were taken. They both now look smooth and we know they sure look handsome and cute, all at the same time!

Click HERE to see a video of the pups at seven weeks!

Abu Dhabi and Ducati at nine weeks!

Ringo and Cat's baby boys are now nine weeks old! Ducati has gone to live with Anne and Frank (Vigneri) while Abu Dhabi remains at home with Frances and Hugh and momma Cat. They live very close to each other, so the boys get to visit and play all the time! We love their stout little bodies and look forward to watching them continue to grow up and mature. Meanwhile, the SPDBS process begins for them and soon they will be critiqued to gain their AKC registrations as Generation III Desert Breds. What a great addition to the AKC Saluki genepool!

Ducati and Abu Dhabi at almost 3 months!

Abu Dhabi and Ducati continue to grow and explore life. They have now both ventured out to begin exploring vast fields with their families and will now be learning how to run and hunt. They are set to live perfect lives with their families as beloved house hounds and happy hunters. We could not ask for more for them and could not be happier for Ringo and Cat's sons!

Abu Dhabi (L) and Ducati (R) at three months!

Ducati practicing being a show dog at 3 months!

Above are Abu Dhabi on the left and Ducati on the right at three months of age. Ducati is pictured to the left practicing his show stance and we think he is doing very well at it! Both pups continue to grow like weeds, run, play and are enjoying hikes and trips out to the desert with their families. Anne reports that Ducati "slaps" his right paw when he wants something and we were delighted as this is exactly what their father does. Ringo is VERY expressive, especially if he can communicate with his feet! Frances says that Abu Dhabi is one very active, wild man! We laugh, and say he must have this from his mom, as Ringo is such a mellow, laid back guy.

We love how these two boys are growing up so far!

Four months old!

Abu Dhabi (top, left) and Ducati (bottom, right) are now four months old! As healthy pups do, they continue to grow and are learning how to wear their coursing blankets for trips out to the desert with their families. They are learning about leashes and stacking and how fun it is to work for FOOD! Both have the most wonderful personalities, according to Anne and Frances and are a delight to live with.

Dhabi and Ducati at six months!

(9/26/2010) Here are the boys at six months of age! We are very pleased with how they are growing up and developing. Soon the weather will cool down and they will begin their adventures of coursing hares in the southwestern deserts. Meanwhile, paperwork is moving along and before we know it, we will see them in the ring, proud to represent their Gen III desert bred heritage, along with the fine American Coursing lines featured in their pedigree! The photos above show Abu Dhabi on the left and Ducati on the right. Thank you to Anne and Frank Vigneri and Frances Zeller and Hugh Pohle for doing such a wonderful job raising these baby boys!

Ducati at 9 months!

Abaqero Kineahora Ducati is pictured above at nine months of age. He has been enjoying his first adventures out finding and chasing hares. Anne and Frank report that often Ducati IS the one to find the hare and begin the chase. At ten months, Ducati is just starting to go the full distance with the "big dogs" on the courses. He is off to a fine start in fulfilling his heritage. Now, both he and his brother, Abu Dhabi, have had their critiques done and soon they will be AKC registered!

Dhabi and Ducati at 10 months!

Here are the boys at 10 months of age. We are VERY happy with how they are growing up, showing the best of traits from their parents. Abaqero Kineahora Abu Dhabi is pictured at the top with Frances while in Arizona at the Dual in the Desert Specialties. While Dhabi wasn't shown that weekend, his paperwork is off to the AKC and soon he will strut his stuff in the ring (since he thinks he's pretty hot stuff!). Abaqero Kineahora Ducati is pictured (below) and his paperwork is also complete and has been sent to the AKC. Watch out for this flashy boys in the rings soon! That is, when they're not busy chasing hares.
(Photos of Dhabi by Cathy Chapman and Ducati by Frank Vigneri)

Happy 1st birthday boys!

The baby boys are now one year old! Times does indeed fly and it has all been good for Dhabi (left) and Ducati (right)! Ducati is now AKC registered and Dhabi's paperwork is on the way. Ducati is moving with his family (Anne and Frank Vigneri) back to California, so he hopes to join his father in the coursing fields this fall. We can't wait!

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