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Ada on the run!

Fin L-C Ch. Al-Yasamin Adiba whelped her litter sired by Sky on March 28th, 2010. The litter was bred by Marjo Aittokari ~ "Al-Yasamin". Marjo describes Ada as being one of the most intelligent dogs she has ever owned. She seems to have an uncanny ability to "read" what Marjo is thinking, much like an open book. Ada's favorite activities are lure coursing, where she has been quite successful and long walks in the countryside. Now, she is enjoying her role as a mother!

To see Armel and Nomsa from birth to one year of age please CLICK here!

Armel and Nomsa at 16 months of age!

It is summer 2011 and in August, Armel and Nomsa are now 16 months old. They are continuing to mature very nicely and are exploring lure chasing, on the track and field and some show ring activities. Reports are they are both very keen to chase the lure and both have happy, outgoing temperaments, which makes them naturals in the show ring. What fun for owners Tuija Tuominen and Tiina Torkko, along with their breeder and co/owner, Marjo Aittokari!
(Photos by Tuija Tuominen, top, right and bottom, and Marjo Aittokari, left)

Armel and Nomsa are now two years old!

On March 28th, 2012 Armel and Nomsa turned two years old! These teenagers have enjoyed the winter snow, running and playing in the forests and fields and will now look forward to their first season on the track and lure. We anxiously look forward to hearing about their spring and summer adventures!
(Photos by Tuija Tuominen)

Armel at three years!

Al-Yasamin Sapsan is now three years of age. Maturity hasn't changed his demeanor as he's still the class clown and knows no enemies no matter where he is. If there is one thing you'll be guaranteed with Armel, that is always a good laugh! None the less, he has just obtained his track racing license and will be enjoying running on the track with other Salukis. He also enjoys lure coursing and has earned some lovely compliments in the show ring from breeder judges. Life is always good and fun with Armel!
(Photos by Tuija Tuominen and Ari Salmela)

Nomsa at three years!

Nomsa, being the typical female to mature more rapidly than her brother, is already Fin LC Ch. SSaKKM-12 Al Yasamin Samina. She earned her lure championship with three 1st place wins, one 2nd placement and one 3rd placement and won the Finnish Lure Coursing Championship in July of 2012. She finished out the 2012 season as Finland's number one lure coursing Saluki! For Marjo to only get two pups from her litter we couldn't be happier with how well these two have done and with how much their owners love them!
(Photos by Ari Salmela and )

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