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Ruth, dam of the Fireworks litter!

Ch. Phenix Fire 'Ice Ruth CC, CM. ("Ruth"/"Ruthie Toothie") was the dam of Sky's second litter, whelped September 6th, 1999, bred by Vicky L Clarke. She was a NOFCA Top Ten Saluki in 1993 (#6) and in 1994 (#5). She was 7th place at the 1994 Grand Course. Ruth won the 2001 ASA Shahin Trophy for the dam whose progeny accumulate the most open field coursing points during the calendar year, by virtue of the outstanding performances of only two get, both sired by Sky. "Joey" and his sister "Genie" are pictured below, along with brother "Asal". In the show ring, Ruth was BOW and AOM at the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco, BOW at the San Angeles Saluki Club/Lompoc and WB at Palms Springs for her majors. In her later years she also won three Specialty Best In Veteran Sweepstakes. Ruth was indeed a golden girl. (1992 - 2005)

Joey @ 4 years (L) and 9 years (R)

Phenix Firecracker Joe CC, CM. stayed with Vicky and had an extremely successful open field career, though sparingly coursed at competitive venues. He was the winner of the 2001 and 2002 ASA Mia Cup hunts and the 2001 ASA Ishtan Cup hunt. Joey earned over 400 NOFCA points and is the sire of Vicky's "Big Guns" litter, whelped in July of 2005. He is pictured on the left at four years of age and on the right, still bringin' home the bacon, at almost ten years.
(Photo on left by Herb Wells, on right by Vicky Clarke)

Genie @ 9 years (L) and 5 years (R)

(9/6/1999 - 8/3/2012)

Phenix Black Magic Genie CC, CM. went home with Lynn as a pup to live on the California North Coast in the beauty of forests and beaches. Genie easily completed her CC and CM in her few ventures back to the central valley to attend hunts. In 2007 she returned to live with her brother, Joey, in Unionville, Nevada and enjoyed her retirement at "Camp Clarke" until her passing at almost thirteen years of age to hemangiosarcoma.
(Photo on left at 9 years by Vicky Clarke, on right at 5 years, by Lynn Clarke)

Asal @ 9 years (L) and 6 years (R)

(9/6/1999 ~ 3/22/2010)

Phenix Fire in the Sky enjoyed a wonderful life living with Ric Schlexer of Fieldbrook, CA. He spent is days running hares on the Northern California coast and taking long hikes up on the mountain forest trails. He was lost to cancer after a very brief illness. George has joined Ric's family and will help heal the pain and fill the large void that was left by Asal's departure.
(Photos by Ric Schlexer)

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