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Boushra on the run

Hlynn's Santana Boushra CC, CM whelped her litter sired by Sky on October 21st, 2005. The litter was bred by Warren and Victoria Cook ~ "Santana". Boushra was the 2002/3 Top NOFCA Hound and has 500 NOFCA breed and mixed points. She was the winner of three ASA perpetual trophies for the 2001/2002 season: The Adana, The Shadrack and the Coursing Shield. In 2007 she won The Shahin Trophy for the dam who's get earn the most open field points in the coursing season.
(Photos by Herb Wells)

Ringo (L) & Nova (R) at Lompoc 2008

Santana Hello, Goodbye at RFR CC, CM (L) and Santana Novastar at RFR CC, CM (R) while at the Lompoc Ca shows in July 2008. Nova and Ringo are our two boys from this litter of eleven.
(Photographed by Vicky Cook (Cook Phodography)

Nova in the desert

Nova (Santana Novastar at RFR CC, CM) is our boy who has becoming quite a handsome young hound. He is pictured out in the Mojave Desert learning to carry quarry for breakfast when he was seven months old. He showed great speed, agility and promise as a pup and this has come to fruition as a mature dog. To see more of Nova, visit his page here.

Clark @ 28 months of age

This is "Clark", Santana Clark Uziduzit Kent CC, CM. He really is a beautiful, richly marked tri-color boy owned by Vicky Clarke. Clark was the first of this litter to join Vicky and her family in Unionville, NV., and he loves his life there, which includes lots of coursing in the beautiful desert areas surrounding Vicky's home. Clark is SPDBS registered. Clark has recently completed both his Coursing Championship and Courser of Merit titles. On top of being a fine running hound, he's one good looking guy, too!
(Photos of Clark by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

George and Antar

This is "George". On the 27th of March 2010, George moved to his new home on the Northern California coast to join Ric Schlexer and Antar. Ric and Antar had just lost Asal and they both needed a new family member. George was just the ticket and the Cooks were willing to share George and his love with Ric and Antar! George now enjoys life playing in the surf with his best buddy, running hares on the Northern California beaches and long mountain trail hikes when he's not at home relaxing indoors or out. We couldn't be more happy for Ric, Antar and George!! George is SPDBS registered.
(Photos by Ric Schlexer)

Jude @ 3 years

"Jude", Santana Hey Uziduzit Jude CC, CM, GCW, joined his brother Clark in Northern Nevada with Vicky when he was eight months old. His brother needed another young playmate and the two boys have matured into a fine, young coursing duo, a credit to their lineage. Thank you Vicky for giving these two boys such a wonderful upbringing and loving home! Jude had a stellar novice season at the hunts, earning him 252 NOFCA points, numerous first place finishes and both his CC, CM titiles. Jude topped off his season by winning the 2008 Grand Course and is also the winner of the 2007 ASA Coursing Shield for the highest scoring Saluki, the 2007 ASA Hoppit Trophy for the highest scoring male Saluki and the 2007 ASA Shadrack Coursing Continuum for the highest scoring Saluki under two years of age at the beginning of the season. What more could we ask of this baby boy!? Jude is also SPDBS registered.
(Photo of Jude in profile by Vicky Clarke, photo of Jude on the run by Herb Wells)

Sliver @ 16 months

This is sister "Sliver" at 16 months of age. She is pictured out in the desert while on a trip with her owners and breeders to northern Nevada. She, along with her brothers Otis and Cooper, got to visit and run with their brothers, Clark and Jude.
(Photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

Otis @ 28 months of age

In March 2007, Warren visited us with four of Nova's brothers for a coursing outing. For having limited experience on hares, Santana Blackbird, "Otis", showed amazing aptitude and ability, along with being a fine looking hound! He is pictured above at 17 months of age, enjoying running! Otis is pictured (bottom) at 28 months of age. Otis makes his home with Brent, Shelley and Chase Work of Faridaat Salukis in Vanderhoof, BC, Canada. Otis has sired his first litter to the Work's "Eden". Be sure to visit the Faridaat website to see and learn more about this wonderful litter! Otis is SPDBS registered.
(Photos by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

"Ringo" (Santana Hello, Goodbye at RFR CC, CM) is pictured as he investigates (and decided he should be able to take home!) a sheep skull. This trip was Ringo's first expedition on such a long drive from Oregon to the southern central valley of California. We were so taken with how much Ringo looks like his brother, Nova, along with his sweet personality, that Ringo came to live with us! Ringo is SPDBS registered. To see more of Ringo, visit his page here.
(Photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

Ringo @ 17 months
Cooper @ 28 months

A beautiful red with white feet, this is Santana Here Comes the Sun, otherwise known as "Cooper"! He is a very striking boy and Warren and Vicky's very special pup from the litter. He has enjoyed a number of outings now, coursing hares with his siblings in Northern Nevada. During his last trip, Cooper made his first kill on a hare, with the help of his "big" brother, "Jude". Cooper is now looking forward to the next coursing season with great enthusiasm! Cooper is also SPDBS registered.
(Photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

Razr at 2 years

(Oct 21, 2005 ~ May 4, 2008)

"Dear "Razr", you are gone too soon. Your loving family mourns your loss. Your life spirit and soul were needed elsewhere, beyond an Earthly existence. We will see you in the skies and feel you in the wind. Run free our sweet boy..."

(Photo by Stephen Downs)

Scizzrs at 28 months of age

Santana Ticket to Ride, "Scizzrs", is off to her start on learning how to chase and catch hares and is showing great promise! She is pictured on the right at 34 months of age. She is maturing into a real beauty and we are all extremely proud of her progress. She is another that is coming into her own and fulfilling the legacy in the bloodlines of this litter. Scizzrs is also SPDBS registered.
(Head study photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography and profile photo by Vicky Clarke)

Santana Twist and Shout is "Myla", so named in fond memory of the Cook's "Milo" (Ch. Santana Boojum Moor CC, CM) due to her very similar coloring and qualities. Myla is at home with her breeders and, along with her siblings, enjoy a wonderful life gracing the furniture and enjoying runs through large pastures. She is pictured here while playing in the snow, March 2010.
(Photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

Myla at 4.5 years
Nova shows the prize to his brothers!

Here are the boys out enjoying their field day with brother Nova. Since Nova has the most experience running hares, he was a good example for them to watch and follow. They had several fine courses, with the last being a dynamic effort between Nova and Otis. Otis lead much of the course and made several turns on the hare before Nova took over for the finish. What a fabulous day for the boys!
(Photo by Warren and Vicky Cook, Cook Phodography)

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