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Nova on the fly!

Nova is pictured at a race practice in August 2009. He seems to enjoy chasing plastic almost as much as he does live game, so he'll be trying out the lure chasing game soon to see if it will be a fun way to stay in shape for the upcoming coursing season. To learn more about Nova and his upbringing, please scroll down the page.
(Photo by Lori of Bunny Runners Photography)

Nova 4 months

Santana Novastar at RFR CC, CM, along with his brother, Santana Hello, Goodbye at RFR CC, CM, are the boys in the house. Whelped October 21st, 2005, Nova is sired by Sky out of the Cook's exceptional coursing bitch, "Boushra". Nova is Gen II desert bred. His grandmother is the Green's beautiful smooth grizzle Saudi import "Luga".

  • Height: 27"
  • Weight: 58.6 lbs
  • SPDBS CRN: 0533-006-2
  • OFA Thyroid normal: SL-TH21/44M-NOPI
  • OFA Cardiac normal: SL-CA95/45M/P-NOPI-ECHO
  • AKC DNA Profile: V539478

    Nova is pictured on the left at four months of age.

  • Nova meets Sky and Zelia

    "Nova's" trip home... Nova had a long ride from White City, Oregon to Tehachapi, California. He rode the first leg of the journey with his breeders, Warren and Vicky Cook, from Oregon to Sacramento. Then from Sacramento to Tehachapi with Sky, Zelia and me. At first, he met and bonded with his father while riding in the truck. Then he met and bonded with Zelia. Zelia was just several weeks out of season when Nova came home, so soon she had her ready made, adopted puppy!

    Nova @ nine weeks

    When all was said and done, Nova was a very tired puppy by the end of the first day in his new home. He was very happy to snuggle on the little bed by the heater in the bathroom and fall fast asleep. when he wasn't in there with me, he was right next to my desk while I worked on the computer.

    Nova @ 5 months

    Although Nova and his littermates are not eligible to be registered and shown at AKC shows, through the SPDBS critique program any get sired by Nova will be eligible for AKC recognition. This is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to be able to introduce the valuable COO bloodlines into our AKC studbooks! Nova is pictured at five months of age, out in the Mojave desert. (Click here to see more about Nova's littermates!!)

    Nova @ 8 and 12 months

    Nova is pictured on the left at eight months of age. Like his dad, Nova was one of those rare male pups that never went through a leggy, gangly stage. He was always quite uniform and balanced, so it was always a pleasure to look at him, no matter at what age. Lucky us! The photo on the right is Nova at one year of age. This picture was taken for his SPDBS application up in Pleasanton on his birthday. He was also critiqued in the Saluki ring after the show was over and he really liked "playing show dog"!! We wish we could show him, but his children will be registerable and showable.
    (Photo by Dawn Carlson)

    Nova at 18 months of age. Nova attended three NOFCA hunts in his novice season. He scored a 2nd and a 3rd place, along with an AK credit, earning 45 points towards his CC and CM. Not bad for a baby boy!

    Nova @ 18 months
    Nova with Jim on the trails

    Our hounds enjoy hiking the trails of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains during the "off season" from open field coursing. Most often they find small game on the trails and run up and down steep granite embankments while in pursuit. These treks of three to five miles, along with our weekday morning jogs on lead, maintain a good level of fitness during the later spring, summer and early fall months when they are not actively coursing.

    Nova after a day in the field!

    After a tough day in the field, Nova enjoys a good meal, a warm bath and massage, then retires to his favorite chair (which is supposed to be mine, but alas...). When he's not in his favorite chair relaxing, Nova LOVES to be with one of his two favorite humans, Jim! Sharing the couch and warmth for a winter nap is one of the greatest joys in life when we aren't out in the coursing fields hunting. During the 2007/2008 season Nova earned 100 more NOFCA points, bringing his total to 145.

    Nova at 2 and a half years

    Nova is pictured in the Mojave Desert at two and a half years of age.

    Nova in the Desert Bred Exhibition

    (7/24/2008) Nova is pictured above while in the ring during the Desert Bred Exhibition sponsored by the Saluki Club of America, held in conjunction with their Western Regional Specialty show at Lompoc, CA. He very much enjoys "playing show dog" and is quite a ham! Showing off for a crowd probably comes second only to chasing hares for this boy. He is an absolute delight to live with!
    (Photos by Cook Phodography)

    Nova, followed by Ringo, on the run!

    Nova had a fine first full season of coursing, topped off with another AK and UK credits to finish his Courser of Merit title at the 2008 Grand Course. He also placed 7th overall! During the 2008/2009 coursing season, Nova ran in only three hunts, placing in all three! He has also earned his mixed points (25) and completed his Coursing Championship! We couldn't ask more of this boy, at home or in the field.
    (Photo by Warren Cook, Cook Phodography)

    Nova, the complete coursing hound!

    (3/4/2009) "Nova" has matured into a handsome, well rounded coursing hound. He is a powerful runner, yet agile and shows great speed, endurance and an excellent mouth. He finished his Coursing Championship this past season, being slipped at only three hunts and running with top notch competition!
    (The above photos are by K. Lonero, taken of Nova at 3 1/2 years of age.)

    Nova on the move!

    (August 2010) Nova is pictured above at almost five years of age out hunting in the desert on a early, cool morning. His gait shows balance and proportion, lack of excessive reach and drive without wasted motion as we so desire in our hunting hounds. With correct, unexaggerated gait at a trot, the hounds can hunt all day long and still have plenty in reserve for long hard courses.
    (Photo by K Lonero)

    Nova like the lure!

    In August of 2010, Nova and Ringo got to try out lure coursing. They both liked it. Alot! Even though they figured out no hares were involved, they were still game to "do plastic" with intensity. They will go to ASFA lure courses (they are not eligible for AKC, due to being Gen II Desert Breds) when time allows so they can have even more fun! It is not all that often one will get Cup Hunt winning OFC dogs that will also chase the plastic lure. They are smart, they get to run even more this way. To check out some more photos of Nova on that day, click HERE.
    (Photo by Jim Wallace)

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