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News and more!
**Dhabi and Tiflah win top honors!**

Dhabi at almost 4 years

(12/28/2013) Abaqero Kineahora Dhabi (pictured above) and our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya, JC, CBC win first and second at the California TCC hunt! Dhabi was visiting from New Mexico with his owner, Frances Zeller. What a fun day for Frances and Dhabi! Dhabi is from the Ringo x Catania litter bred by Anne Vigneri, Frances Zeller and Hugh Pohle. Congratulations to all on the boy's fine performance!

(12/15/2013) Mocha went to the races and earned the points he need to complete his SGRC3 title at eight and a half years of age! He is now DC Timaru Wild Acclaim SC, SGRC3, SOR, RN, CBC, ORC! He also was the Number One Saluki for the 2013 LGRA season. Congrats, Margaret, that boy just keeps on runnin'!!

**Tiflah wins her first hunt of the season!!**

Tiflah wins again!

(12/6/2013) At the first hunt of the TCC season Tiflah won first place with a UK to earn her CBC (Coursing Breed Championship) in a thrilling chase where she ran the hare solo for the second half of the course and took her hare unassisted! The little Red Zinger has certainly fulfilled every hope we had for her when she came here as a puppy and she is now Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya, JC, CBC! Tiflah will have plenty more fun runnin' hares this fall and winter before she is bred to Nova and/or Ringo this coming spring.
(Photos in the Mojave Desert, 12/13/2013 by Karon Lonero)

FLASH!!! (11/17/2013) Mocha earns the last two points for this AKC Lure Championship and is now DC. Timaru Wild Acclaim, SC, SGRC2, SOR, RN, CGC, ORC! Congratulations, Margaret, on achieving Mocha's latest accomplishment, becoming an AKC Dual Champion!

(10/27/2013) Ch. Timaru Wild Acclaim, SC, SGRC2, SOR, RN, CGC, ORC went to the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco Specialty lure trial and won the Open Stake for a five point major! Mocha only needs two more points to complete his AKC Lure Coursing title. Way to go Mocha and Margaret, good to see that boy out there still running strong at eight and a half years of age!

**Armel, Nomsa and Miho run well at the Ajuekoe lure trial!**

Armel and Nomsa

(9/21/2013) An Ajuekeo is a form of lure coursing now being run in Finland that is much like a "pack hunt". You choose your team of three hounds and they are scored on how well they run together, along with assessing speed, agility and endurance. Al Yasamin Sapsan and Fin LC Ch, SSaKMM-12 Al Yasamin Samina ran with close friend, Tizpa Pourgouhar Tishtar ("Miho") and earned third place out of seventeen teams in competition! This was the first time Armel, Nomsa and Miho had run together on the lure! Congratulations to Tuija Tuominen
and Tiina Torkko, owners of Armel and Nomsa and to Heidi Lappalainen & Anna-Kaarina Kallio, owners of Miho!
Nomsa also won first out of seventeen at the Heinola lure trial on the 18th of August, full results HERE. For the full results of the Ajuekoe
click HERE Wow, the first three teams were only three points apart!.

**Zoey is a Grand Champion!!**

Zoey wins back to back majors!

(8/17 - 8/18/2013) At the Reno Kennel Club back to back shows, Zoey became Grand Ch. Uziduzit Second Amendment, JC, CC, CM!! The first day under Dr. James Sillers, Zoey was Select Bitch for a four point major and the second day under Ralph (Sonny) Ambrosio (pictured), Zoey won Best of Breed for a five point major. What a way to finish her Grand Championship! Our congratulations to Zelia's daughter who is owned, loved and handled by Lauren Chen and to Vicky Clarke, Zoey's breeder!
(Photo by Cook Phodography)

**Tiflah loves Lompoc!**

Our beautiful girl!

(7/26/2013) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya, JC enjoyed the trip to the cool coast and scored a very large Reserve Winners Bitch award at the San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty show. Yet another long-time breeder judge found the little redhead in an entry of 71 bitches! The judge was Elizabeth Guthrie (Elarabie Salukis ~ Australia), a fellow fancier and breeder with 40+ years of experience! We couldn't be more proud of our girl who's primary focus in life is catching hares in the Mojave Desert. Occasionally we like to take our dogs to shows and exhibit them in the same condition they are kept in here, hard coursing condition. We thank Ms. Guthrie for this fine win and appreciating everything about Tiflah!
(Photo by Vicki Holloway)

(7/16/2013) There are new photos and updates for Armel and Nomsa on the Sky x Ada litter page. Enjoy!

**Tiflah is the Number One TCC Saluki!**

Go Tiflah go!

(6/22/2013) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya, JC ended up in the top spot for Salukis in The Coursing Conservancy stats for the 2012/2013 season! Not only was she the top Saluki, but was also #4 all breeds. Not bad for her novice season running in four hunts!
Then, this past weekend up in Dixon, California at the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association AKC Lure Trial, she earned her second major with a Best of Breed win! She has been in open at two trials and has both of her required major wins. What more could we ask of this little red-hot demon? That she is a joy to live with? We don't have to ask for that as yes she is!
(Photo by Clark Kranz, Agiledogs Photography)

(5/14/2013) We are pleased to announce that Keeper is now Grand Ch. Blue Nile Special Keeper! He finished his championship in March
and just a few short months later is now a Grand Champion! Congratulations, Michael and Sara on your second Grand Champion for the
Sky x Rent litter!

**Wild thang, you make our hearts sing...!!!**

Tiflah flies!

(5/11/2013) Okay, The Troggs didn't quite sing it like that, but this girl does indeed make our hearts happy. At the Southern California Ibizan Hound Club Lure Trial held in Chino, Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya JC made her debut running in the Open Stake. She did so very nicely earning first place for her first points in AKC Lure Coursing, a major! Way to go little girl,
you enjoy chasing the petroleum hare almost as much as the real thing!
(Photo by Clark Kranz, Agiledogs Photography)

**Nomsa does her thing and does it well!!**

Nomsa after the lure!

(5/4/2013) Nomsa runs in her first lure trial of the 2013 season in Laihia, Finland and becomes Fin LC Ch, SSaKMM-12 Al Yasamin Samina! She needed that one win from another season (having completed all the needed requirements for a Finnish Lure Coursing Championship last season) and she went right out and earned it! The complete Saluki results can be seen HERE.
Congratulations go to Tiina Torkko, Nomsa's owner and to Marjo Aittokari, Nomsa's breeder!
(Photo by Ilkka Niemelš)

**Who would have guessed??!!**

Tiflah and Zelia love plastic!

(4/11/2013) We'd have never thought that both Zelia and Tilfah would love the pursuit of the petroleum hare so much, being the die-hard open field (live game) coursers that they are. It seems, though, that as long as it moves fast, the chase is on! At the San Angeles Saluki Club AKC lure trial Tiflah ran in the Singles Stake and with seven Salukis in competition she won first place. Zelia ran in the Open Stake and is now BISS Ch. Amala Zelia at RFR CC, CM, SC! She finished her Senior Courser title on this day at ten years, eight months of age. Way to go girls! Tiflah also ran for her Qualifying Certificate and earned it with ease, so now she will compete in the Open Stake.

**Nova wins the Archives Plaque!**

Nova on the fly!

(3/23/2013) The American Saluki Association held the Archives Plaque Hunt for veterans this past Saturday on a beautiful, sunny, yet cool morning. Our Santana Novastar at RFR CC, CM won both of the courses and the trophy with a total score of 141. His brother, Santana Hello, Goodbye at RFR CC, CM was second place at 132 and fellow fine coursing veteran, FC Doubletime's Red Dot Rising SC, FCh, was third, only a half point off of Ringo's score at 131.5. Nova's name will now join his sire's (2006) on the plaque, a lovely honor.
It was a small, but mighty group of hunters and hounds on the day and a great time was had by all. Hats off to the dogs that are still running strong into their veteran years and to their owners for keeping them fit so they can still get out there and put some scare into the hares!

"What a great weekend for two of Sky's sons!"

Keeper is a Champion!

(3/9 - 3/10/2013) First, Blue Nile Special Keeper went to the Heart of America Kennel Club shows in Kansas City, MO and on Saturday he won Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Group IV from the Bred by Exihibitor class under judge Helen Lee James! The next day under judge Brian Harris of New Zealand, Keeper was Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex for another major to complete his championship. He is now Champion Blue Nile Special Keeper and is the fifth in this litter to finish their AKC championship. Congratulations, Michael and Sara!

Mocha has another title!

And, on the same weekend at the oval track races in Northern California, Mocha added yet another title to his list of achievements. His name grows ever longer: Ch. Timaru Wild Acclaim SC, SGRC2, SOR, RN, CGC, ORC and has earned his Oval Track Racing Championship at almost eight years of age. Congratulations, Margaret, on yet another milestone for Mocha!

**Tiflah has two great weekends!**

Tiflah wins her first major!

(1/6/2013 and 1/12/2013) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya JC has started out the new year with a flourish! First, at the Kennel club of Palm Springs show on 1/6/2013, she won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under long-time breeder/judge David Miller for her first major. Tiflah now has eight points, one major towards her bench title at nineteen months of age!
(Photo by Cook Phodography)

The next weekend at the TCC breed hunt, Tiflah had two excellent courses and earned second place! She has now run in three TCC hunts and has a first place and two second placements with 83 points of the 100 needed towards her coursing championship. She is doing great for her first season on hares. From ring to field, Tiflah seems good at doing it all. What a super little girl! We cannot thank Brad and Stephanie Gamble (Yamadan Salukis) for sending her out west to us!

**Mocha does it again!!**

Mocha the veteran!

(12/22/2012) We have learned that Ch. Timaru Wild Acclaim SC, SGRC2, SOR, RN, CGC has finished out 2012 as the Number One LGRA AND NOTRA Saluki! Congratulations, again, to Margaret Smith on these remarkable achievements with Mocha. Mocha became a veteran in May of this year and is still running strong!
(Photo by Gary Ellis of Mocha in October 2012)

**Tiflah is off to a great start at the hunts!**

Tiflah at 19 months

(12/22/2012) Our Yamadan RFR Tilfah Al Hadiya JC has done well at her first two TCC hunts this fall with a second place and first place wins! She now has over half of the points and all the placements she needs towards her breed coursing title. She is gaining experience in the hunt format this season and we are very pleased with her progress. Way to go little red girl! She is pictured above on a chilly afternoon at home with some of her recent spoils.
(Photo by J Lonero)

(12/16/2012) There are new photos of Dhabi and Ducati on the Ringo x Cat litter page! These boys are maturing so beautifully!

**Keeper and Surprise win in Dallas!!**

Champion Surprise!

(12/7 - 12/9/2012) What a fabulous weekend for the littermates Blue Nile Special Surprise and Blue Nile Special Keeper. At the North Texas Saluki Club Specialty show under sighthound specialist Robert Stein, Keeper goes Winners Dog for a five point major! The next day, at the Texas Kennel Club show, Surprise wins Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a four point major under judge Monica Canestrini.

A specialty major for Keeper!

At the Greater Collin Kennel Club show not only does Keeper earn Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a three point major, sister Surprise won Winners Bitch for her fourth major to become Champion Blue Nile Special Surprise! Surprise completed her title in very limited showing with all of her points coming from major wins! Keeper now has both of his majors and only needs a few single points to complete his title.

Congratulations on Champion number four for the Sky x Rent litter to Sara Winsted and Michael McMillan (Blue Nile Salukis)! What a great way to finish out your year at the shows!!
(Surprise is pictured above and Keeper, below, photo by Luis Sosa)

**Fall family coursing fun and more!**

Happy coursing season!

(12/1/2012) On our homefront there hasn't been a lot of "official" news lately and that is largely due to it being fall and time for our hounds to be out in the deserts and fields coursing. All of the photos above were taken in the last month or so and the pack is fit and fast. Tiflah did go to her first TCC hunt on the 17th of November and scored 2nd place in the hunt. Way to go baby girl!

We did just receive some fabulous news from overseas and it is that Sky's daughter SSaKMM-12 Al Yasamin Samina finished out the 2012 Lure Coursing season as Finland's Number One Saluki!! What a fabulous accomplishment for Nomsa in her first season out! Congratulations to Tiina Torkko, Nomsa's owner and to Marjo Aittokari, Nomsa's breeder and co-owner on this wonderful accomplishment!

**Rusty and Dhabi win in New Mexico!**

(10/12 - 10/13/2012) At ten years of age Rusty becomes Grand Champion Owl Ridge High Rustler CC, CM, NACC, NACM by winning the Select Award at the Sangre de Cristo Kennel Club show under judge Claire Steidel for yet another major!
The next day Abaqero Kineahora Dhabi wins Best of Winners for his third major at the Valencia Valley Kennel Club show under judge Karen Arends. This brings Dhabi to thirteen points! What a great weekend for the veteran, Rusty, and the youngster, Dhabi! Congratulations to Jean Warner and Joel Scheinberg, Rusty's breeders, owners and handlers and to Frances Zeller, Hugh Pohle and Anne Vigneri, Dhabi's breeders. Dhabi is handled by Frances.

**Dhabi wins his second major!**

Dhabi at 2 1/2 years

(10/7/2012) At the Chaparral Kennel Club show under sighthound specialist Barbara Ewing, Abaqero Kineahora Dhabi goes Winners Dog for his second major! This young hound is maturing beautifully and is breeder owner handled by Frances Zeller. Congratulations to Frances on this lovely win! Dhabi is one of the two boys from the Ringo x Cat litter and was bred by Frances Zeller, Hugh Pohle and Anne Vigneri.

**Nomsa wins in Helsinki!!**

Nomsa keeps on winning!

(9/29/2012) SSaKMM-12 Al Yasamin Samina goes to the International Lure Coursing Competition in Helsinki, Finland and in her field of 14, earns 3rd place. This win would have finished Nomsa's Finnish Lure Coursing Championship, but she will have to wait and earn her final CC next season per club regulations. None the less, another very fine day and great finish for this young female! Congratulations to Tiina Torkko (Nomsa's owner/trainer) and Marjo Aittokari (Nomsa's breeder and co-owner)!
(Photo by Ilkka Niemelš)

**Tiflah and Zelia enjoy the pursuit of the petroleum hare!**

Tiflah and Zelia!

(9/15 - 9/16/2012) Our girls enjoyed a weekend at the California Coursing Association Lure Trials (AKC Sanctioned) held in Camarillo. Tiflah (Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya) ran two swift courses and earned her Junior Courser title over the weekend. Our ten year old BISS Ch. Amala Zelia at RFR CC, CM ran in Open Stake and on Sunday won first place and then won the run-off for Best of Breed, earning her a three point major towards her Field Championship! Both days she ran qualifying courses towards her Senior Courser title. Way to go girls! It is always extra fun when the dogs will chase plastic, despite being life-long open field coursers. They just know how to have more fun!
(Top photo of Tiflah by Colleen Summerfield, Zelia by Dotty Franke and other two of Tiflah by Cathy Chapman.
Thank you friends for sharing these photos!)

**More super summer happenings for the Finnish duo!**

Armel and Nomsa summer 2012

The two offspring from the Sky x Ada litter have been busy this summer starting out their lure and track coursing careers. Nomsa (right, above) is being a typical young lady, more mature than her brother and has won at four straight lure coursing events by winning 1/20 (20 entered and run), 1/14, 2/15 (VIDEO by Sanja Kuusela) and 1/6. She has already earned four of the five needed CC's for her Finnish Lure Coursing Championship and will have to earn the 5th next year as Finnish rules prohibit a dog from completing a title in only one season. Here is more about Nomsa on the Suomen Salukikerho RY website.
Not to be outdone by his over-achieving sister, Armel (left, above) has been practicing on the track and lure and ran in the top half of the males at the trial held in Helsinki on 8/26 (7/15). He is running very clean and focused and we have high hopes for this boy to be more mature for next season's trials! Meanwhile, he looks very promising and continues to be the life of the party wherever he goes. Congratulations go to Marjo Aittokari (Nomsa and Armel's breeder and co-owner, Al-Yasamin Salukis), Tuija Tuominen, Armel's owner and training partner and to Tiina Torkko, Nomsa's owner and training partner. Out thanks to you for enjoying your Sky puppies so much!
(Photos by Tuija Tuominen)

**Tiflah wins another major reserve!**

Tiflah is growing up!

(7/29/2012) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya goes Reserve Winners Bitch at the American Saluki Association Celebration supported entry at the Lompoc Valley Kennel Club show under breeder judge Carole Tipler (Al Yaman Salukis) from the 12 - 18 months class! In very limited showing Tiflah has won three specialty major reserves (all from the puppy class) and now this supported entry major reserve. Our sleek little redhead is growing up nicely and is looking forward to "getting serious" about dog shows and moving up into the Open class. Go Tiflah!
(Photo by Cook Phodography)

Another Veteran win for Zelia!

(7/27/2012) BISS Ch. Amala Zelia at RFR CC, CM wins another Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at the San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty show held in Lompoc, California. Zelia is now ten years of age and earned this honor under breeder judge Kathleen Waller (Walkirk Salukis). This is Zelia's fourth Best in Sweepstakes as a Veteran!
(Photo by Holloway)

**Nomsa wins again!**

Nomsa on the fly!

(7/14/2012) Wow, SSaKMM-12 Al Yasamin Samina does it again! She wins another CC towards her Finish Lure Coursing Championship by winning first place at the SA-FA Coursing 2012 meet held in Vihti, Finland. This makes back to back wins for this youngster, both times running in the sand. Our congratulations go again to Tiina Torkko, Nomsa's owner and trainer and to Marjo Aittokari, Nomsa's breeder!
(Photo by Ilkka Niemelš)

**Wow, Nomsa wins the Finnish Saluki Club Lure Championship!!**

Nomsa, hard turn

(7/7/2012) In Tampere, Finland, Al Yasamin Samina wins the bitch's title at the Finnish Saluki Club's Championship Lure event! This was only Nomsa's second time on the lure and she is off to a great start while running two strong, clean courses over the challenging sand course. Here is video of her Prelim and her Final runs.
Full results are HERE.
Nomsa is from Marjo Aittokari's Sky x Ada litter whelped on March 28th, 2010. Nomsa's brother, Armel, plans to make his debut on the lure field later this month. Congratulations to Marjo Aittokari (Al Yasamin Salukis) and Tiina Torkko, Nomsa's owner and trainer!
(Photo by Ilkka Niemelš)

**Surprise wins her second major!**

Michael and Surprise

(6/3/2012) At the Saluki Club of America supported entry at the Mississippi Valley Kennel Club show under judge Jane Sheppard, Blue Nile Special Surprise wins Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a five point major! Surprise has only been shown a handful of times and already has two five point majors to her credit. Also on this day, her brother, Blue Nile Special Keeper was Reserve Winners Dog to the major and her sister, GCh. Blue Nile Special Promise earned the Select Bitch award. What a great day for the Sky x Rent litter!! Congratulations to Michael and Sara McMillan on all the fine wins!
(Photo by Downey)

**Tiflah turns one year old!**

(5/14/2012) Time is flying and our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya has just turned one year of age. Along with earning five points from the puppy classes towards her AKC show championship, our little gal has been having a blast growing up in the fields and learning her craft of catchin' hares. Not only is Tiflah a complete joy to live with (a real snuggler and love along with being a comedian!) she seems pretty adept thus far at reeling in the ribbons in the ring and the hares in the field. Happy Birthday Tiflah, we love you!
Click on Tiflah's page to view some recent photos from the ring and the field!

**Wow, more Mocha milestones!**

Mocha racing

(5/8/2012) We have just learned of more accomplishments for Margaret Smith's Mocha. He has completed his Senior Oval Racer and Superior Gazehound Racing Championship 2 titles and finished as the #1 Saluki in the National Oval Track Racing Association's 2011 final standings. He is now Ch. Timaru Wild Acclaim SC, SGRC2, SOR, RN, CGC!! Our hat's off along with our congratulations to Margaret and co-owner and breeder, Lesley Brabyn (Timaru Salukis)!
(Photo by Dave Mills Photography)

**What a great weekend at SASC and Western Hound for our girls!**

Another Veteran Sweeps win for Zelia!

(4/13/2012) Starting out the weekend on Friday the 13th at the San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty show our BISS Ch. Amala Zelia at RFR CC, CM wins Best in Veteran's Sweepstakes under breeder/judge Terry Smith (Ramazahn Salukis). What a lovely honor to have our girl at almost ten years of age recognized by a fellow coursing enthusiast. Thank you Terry Smith!
(Photos by Cathy Chapman)

Tiflah wins another specialty reserve!

Later in the day, in the middle of a strong thunder and lightening storm, our baby girl, Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya won her 9 - 12 month puppy class under breeder judge Starr White (Windstorm Salukis), then went on to win her third Specialty Reserve Winners Bitch award! Wow, what a great time this little sleek redhead is having while she is learning about having fun at dog shows. Thank you Starr White for honoring our girl with such a lovely win!
(Photos by Cathy Chapman, day after the specialty in fairer weather!)

(4/14/2012) While ringside the first day of the Western Hound Shows getting ready to handle for clients, I received fabulous news from Oklahoma. Journey is now Champion Blue Nile Special Journey, finishing her title at the Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club show under judge Dana P Cline! She is Champion number three for the Sky x Rent litter! Congratulations, Michael and Sara!

Another Best in Sweeps for Tiflah!

(4/15/2012) And, to round out the weekend at Sunday's Western Hound show, Tiflah wins another Best in Sweepstakes. Thank you Ingrid Romanowski (Firuza Salukis) for this lovely win! It really is such a wonderful honor to have fellow long time Saluki breeders appreciate our little Red Zinger!
(Photo by Kit Rodwell)

(4/9/2012) Blue Nile Special Journey wins Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Wichita Kennel Club show under judge Judy Webb. These two points bring Journey's point total to fourteen. One more point and she becomes Champion number three for the young Sky x Rent litter! Congratulations to Michael and Sara McMillan, Journey's owners and breeders!

(3/31/2012) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya goes to the Kern County Kennel Club show and wins Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Carol Esterkin for another point from the 9 - 12 months puppy class!

**Tiflah loves Arizona and Arizona loves Tiflah!**

Tiflah wins Best in Sweepstakes!

tiflah at 9 months of age!

(2/18 - 2/20/2012) Our Yamadan RFR Tiflah Al Hadiya took some time off from chasing hares out in the Mojave desert to travel to Mesa Arizona for the Central Arizona Saluki Association and Saluki League of Southern Arizona Specialty shows. On the first day she won her 9 - 12 months puppy class and went on to win Reserve Winners Bitch to a five point major under judge Robert Robinson! Wow, what a wonderful win for our nine month old baby!
Then, the next day Tiflah won Best in Puppy Sweepstakes under Dixie Hirsh, long time sighthound enthusiast and lure coursing judge. Later in the day under another sighthound specialist, Tiflah repeated her five point major reserve win under judge Carol Esterkin!! Wow, what a weekend for the girl!
(Top photo by Kohler, others by Jim Lonero)

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